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The Travellers were formed by me in 2010 as an informal group of like minded Mark and RAM Masons, belonging to lodges in the Buckinghamshire Mark Province. Our purpose in joining this group is to enjoy visiting lodges in different locations in the Province, and to help a little with their ceremonies when we are asked to, and when we feel able to do it. We have fun and are sometimes useful at the same time.


The vast majority of Buckinghamshire Mark and RAM lodges have been visited in this way since the travellers group was formed. A good number of them have been visited several times. We make our own travel arrangements and we pay for our own meals at the festive boards. There is no joining fee to be included in the arrangement.


I have accumulated thirty to forty names from Mark Masons who have expressed an interest in participating in this informal activity. Only a handful of us travel to each meeting of course, but the more the merrier. Some members of the group, particularly myself and a small number of others, make such visits frequently. Others perhaps only “travel” once or twice in a season. That is absolutely fine  -  indeed a few of those on the list have yet to make their first visit in this way. Normally, there are two or three travellers at a meeting but sometimes a half dozen or more.


How it Works

This year I am being assisted in the running of the scheme by my Deputy, W.Bro Simon Baines

It is entirely up to each individual to choose where he wishes to travel to and when; also whether he wishes to accept or not any invitation he might receive from a lodge to assist in a ceremony. Lodges always appreciate having “travelling” visitors even if they are not there to assist in the ceremony. Having a few extra faces in a lodge always helps to generate the best atmosphere at a meeting. It costs nothing to join the list of travellers. Once you are on it we will include you in emailed information sheets which will tell you when each lodge meets and where  -  we do this three or four times a year so that would-be travellers can plan ahead by choosing to diarise their own choices. Usually friends arrange to “travel” with each other.



As the date of a meeting approaches, we will send you a reminder of it (and, if available, a copy of the summons) so that you can make your decision whether you wish to come along. If you then decide to attend, you should contact the relevant lodge Secretary or his dining co-ordinator to arrange dining, and confirm that you will be attending. If you attend a meeting in this way, please always write “Traveller” in the “Introduced By” column of that lodge’s Attendance Register when you sign it. This indicates why you are there and serves to advertise the Travellers’ existence and activities.


The whole scheme works best where a lodge Secretary or Scribe has taken on board the opportunities which it can bring to his lodge. For example, by the Secretary sending us the lodge summons by email early enough for us to send it out to potentially interested travellers. Although we cannot always guarantee that travellers will attend a particular meeting, we always do our best to encourage support. We are most grateful for the support of those Secretaries/Scribes who work closely with us on this. We also really appreciate the company of fellow travellers when they are able to join in. Anyone reading this article may contact us about it on - phone 01525 378155 or - phone 01908 616342.  

Please do so, and join us in seeing how other lodges go about their business and what their Masonic centres are like. Variety is the spice of life. Get your friends to join you in it too. If you are a new lodge Secretary please let us know if you would like to work with us in the way described above. The Travellers have the full support of the Provincial Grand Master and the other members of the Provincial Executive.


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